Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Will Be Missed Uncle Marvin

I stole this picture from Sharon's blog as the only photos that I have of Marvin are from our wedding or the river and buried deep amongst millions of photos.  Bruce's Uncle Marvin passed away on Sunday and I know will be missed by so very many people.  He was a wonderful man and looked so very much like my father in law Junior.  The resemblance was obvious.  In this picture above Jr. is on the left and Marvin with the glasses on the right. I wish that I would have known him better, but I know that Bruce thought the world of him and appreciated all that he and Eula Mae did for him when he moved to Kansas City.  And they both always made me feel so loved whenever they visited all of us at the river.  Uncle Marvin you will be missed and may you rest in peace!

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