Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Gaming House

Ty and his buddies often game here on the weekends which is great because we don't have to wonder where they are or what they are doing. They are teenagers you know. This past weekend we were going out Saturday night with friends and Ty asked if they could game and take over the living room for the night. Well I said yes and here are just a few snapshots of what that room looked like from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon. We had three flat screen TVs in the living room and they actually moved the couch and love seat up so they were close and personal with their televisions. I do have to admit they cleaned up the living room pretty good when they were done and brought all of their garbage and pop cans out and sent them down the can shoot. I'm just thinking I wish they would keep spending their weekends doing exactly this for the next two years of high school but I'm thinking these weekend nights are limited. Maybe not though as long as I'm willing to give up basically the whole first floor of our house to them. If they will keep hanging out like this I think I can handle that!
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Sharon Madsen said...

You're a nice Mom - but I know what you mean - I didn't mind when I could keep my eyes on them.