Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Foto

This is how many nights looked that Bruce was working on Cole and Ashley's bathroom. Cole watching and "supervising" while Dad did the dirty work. Cole is great for being a gopher and doing what is asked, but he just really isn't into the whole carpenter/remodel guy type thing. I believe this photo was when Bruce had just gotten done putting up all the tile or grouting it all. Not sure. I guess I should have looked at the date on the photo, huh? So the bathroom is close to being done. Bruce and I have another Menard's date night this afternoon/evening to take back the sink, get some tile sealant, and I'm sure there are other things we will find to help finish up the remodel job. It is looking spectacular and will be so nice for them to not have to shower in the basement. A good job well done! Hoping to finish it up this weekend with any luck. A couple tile got popped loose that need fixed from  walking on them before they were ready, but that happens when there is only one bathroom in the house to use when remodeling. It will be so nice when done and I can't wait to do a slide show of the whole process from beginning to end. Of course without the pictures Bruce didn't uploaded! You will get the idea though. And no he isn't for hire when you see his awesome work. He has plenty of our own stuff to get done around home before boating season begins. And that is coming very soon. Enjoy the warm Iowa temps today and have a great weekend!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Actually - I think Cole was just looking for the camera!