Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too HOT for Ty? NEVER!!

Kyle picked up Ty Friday afternoon to spend part of the weekend at his house gaming and hanging out. They were going to BWW's (Buffalo Wild Wings) for dinner. Ty did the challenge which is eat 12 terribly hot wings within 6 minutes. Well he not only did it but rocked it! Yep, he did it in 3 minutes and then asked for a glass of milk. Kyle said he was sweating like crazy but OMG! I would die! Anyway I figured he'd at least get his dinner free but nope, just a free t-shirt that is twenty sizes too big. I tried to shrink it but it didn't work at all. Oh well. He now has bragging rights for doing the challenge in three minutes. Maybe we should put him out on tour or something. Just kidding. I came down with a stomach flu/virus last Wednesday night so am happy to start the week feeling normal. I had just bragged how I NEVER get sick (and even knocked on wood) and wouldn't you know it I got hit with a ton of bricks. Everyone have a great week. Spring is on its way. The snow is melting away and even though the grass isn't green it is there! Happy Monday!
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