Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Aldi's Flowers Spring 2011

Had another date night at Menard's taking back the bathroom sink for Cole & Ashley's bathroom and got groceries while we were in town. Well spring was in the air today around here so I had to purchase another bouquet of Aldis awesome flowers tonight for $3.99. I split them up into two vases and this is what they looked like from the get go. I will post another picture in a week. And then another picture in another week. And then maybe (probably) another picture at week three because their flowers are just that awesome. They last forever. I think maybe as much as I spend there on not only groceries but everything they should just give me free flowers all of the time. I mean I blog about how great they are and frankly I think my Aldis flower posts get more views than my posts related to family and normal crap. So anyways. I bought myself some flowers tonight and my husband expected nothing less when I grabbed them. How awesome is he that he even wanted to put them in the back seat of the car and I grabbed them and put the bouquet in the trunk with the groceries. I cannot wait to spend the weekend around home smelling the wonderful vases of flowers along with the candles that I burn. Everyone have a great weekend and I hope that your awesome guy goes out and buys you a fresh bouquet of flowers. Okay now I'm reaching, huh?
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