Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hump Day Snow

Yes the calendar says March but once again we are putting up with the snow. These are a few pictures I snapped when getting home from Cole & Ashley's for the night. If you look over Ty's jeep at the light that is snow coming down in huge flakes! I should have taken some later since the deck now has what looks like a couple of inches on it. But if I heard correctly I believe we aren't supposed to get the 6+ inches that were possible so that is a good thing. And look at the bottom right photo. Even Gizmo was hiding from the weather in the bottom shelf of the pantry. Just kidding-she actually went out in the snow when the deck was covered. Everyone have a good Wednesday. I'm hoping the roads are decent in the morning as I have my insurance auditor coming tomorrow morning at work and she has to come from Vinton. Oh yeah and I have to get there for her! And scratch the not getting much snow. I just caught the end of the newscast and I think Schnack just said 2-5 inches in the northern counties. Yep that would be us. Drive safe!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Roads are okay here - I kinda like the ground cover cuz it was soooo ugly before. Need some green