Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yep my cupcake mix looks anything but appetizing with the neon green food coloring that I added to it. As you can see I added "normal" green food coloring to the frosting and some sprinkles. And I had Ty try them out and he said they tasted awesome so I think they were moist even with the ugly coloring. Everyone have a great day and have a green beer or something. I'm taking most of the cupcakes I made to the guys at work so that we don't have them around here. I half assed promised my coworker St. Patty's cupcakes so I had to make them after supper. Let's just say I was still frosting at 9:30 pm so I think she owes me. Oh wait. I put up with her everyday so she definitely OWES ME big time!!! Loving this Iowa warmer weather and might even have a green drink myself. Oh wait. I have a mug of green tea every night that my hubby usually prepares and brings to me. Yep he is sweet that way. That tastes much better than green beer! And it doesn't make your pee look funny!
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