Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday My Brother Bart

I think this is a picture that I snapped last summer on our "Caley Weekend" at the river. Of course you couldn't look at me for the picture. I hope you have a great day doing some fishing or whatever is in your heart and want to do for the day. I think and hope you know how much I love you and want you to know that you have never made me feel anything but special. Especially every time I used to hear "Fred to the grill" when Mom ran Nino's so many years ago. You always managed to "screw up" whatever I was hungry for that night. Love you like crazy bro and you have always been a protector of me when you could be. Maybe this summer you and Sharon can come stay with us at the river more and I could teach you how to fish!!! Oh yeah I forgot. I really truly do suck at catching fish. But I sure have fun trying. And I ALWAYS bring a cooler of beer no matter how early! With Bloody Mary's! Happy Birthday Flip!

**I am struggling with that nickname but I believe that is what Dad called you. If I am wrong forgive me. Now I sit here thinking where the heck did "little duffer" come from that Dad used to call Kyle? Anyway have a great one. Hope to see you soon! With Much Love, Fred
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Sharon Madsen said...

Thanks Kay! He came in to read it and it brought "a little tear"
Yup, it was flip - - and he thought Cole was little duffer, but probably all your boys were.