Monday, March 21, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

So this is/was "Spalding" as Tyler named him when he was hanging out around our house and garage. The first time that I knew about him he scared the crap out of me jumping out of a box in the garage when I opened the door to pull my car out and leave. I'd say he was around for a week or so and now nothing. We are wondering if he belonged to someone and they finally found him. He kept his distance pretty good until we started calling at him with "kitty kitty" across the street. Oh and the fact that Bruce put food out for him one night. I figured after that we'd never get rid of it. He'd come over and roll around in the driveway and just meow like crazy. Our cats did not appreciate this little guy and especially hated it when he'd come right up on the deck and lay in front of the door! Gizmo and Gadget are pretty protective of their space and yard. So it was a very nice kitty cat and I hope that it did indeed find its home or a new one and didn't get ran over or something. Who knows. Cats seem to have a way of finding their way back to a place that feeds and pets them. Spalding I hope you have a good life wherever you went because I REFUSE to have three cats in the house! I'd have to clean the litter box twice per day. No way!
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