Monday, March 7, 2011

Gadget (or little bitch as I lovingly call her)

This post really isn't about Gadget but isn't this a weird way that she always lays? I just lately only have pictures of Cole & Ashley's bathroom remodel since that is what we (Bruce mostly) has been busy with every free moment. I'm waiting for the finished pictures to make a slide show post showing the nasty beginning clear up to the end. Of course one night Bruce wanted to upload pictures to look at them and saved them somewhere (so he says-I cannot locate them on the laptop), so I am missing I don't know how many of the process. But lets just say that it needed done and no one should EVER put carpet in a bathroom! In my opinion of course. It needed a do over and that is what we said was our wedding gift to them. It is only a year and a half later but you know. At least it is getting done! Bruce did all of the tiling himself (as we always do everything ourselves) and made the vanity and medicine cabinet. They are beautiful as all of his pieces are. It is getting close to being done. And good thing because he has a few busy weeks coming up with other projects that HAVE to be done. Hopefully we can wrap this project up this week and I can share the start to finish process. Next I can help with the painting and getting the nursery ready for baby Ava. June will be here before we know it. Getting very excited for sure. And all as I can say is have a good Tuesday Iowa people because it sounds like by evening time we will be dealing with more of that white crap. Enough already. I'm really liking the melting piles of snow around our house and shop. At least the sump pump is running regular so I know that the ground must be thawing. Woohoo spring. Please show up soon!
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