Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

Here are some pics from the weekend. If you click you can see them better. The geese "v" I wasn't sure would come out since I was taking it blind into the sun. I couldn't believe how good it came out when I uploaded it. And they filled in our cove and favorite camping sandbar which really stinks so I had to take pictures of it when we went by in the pontoon boat today. On a busy weekend there would be 20-30 runabouts in there, and now it is just sand. When we went by later on the Perfect Day for a ride someone had put a volleyball net up in the middle which is perfect until the water comes up even a foot. Then it will all be under. Not sure what the Corps of Engineers was thinking when they filled this in but we are all hoping they open it back up next spring like they did last year. Everyone have a great week. We sure enjoyed our weekend at the BBQ cookoff. Well I think we did anyways. Let's just say I crashed a bit early! Pics to follow!

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