Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Foto

Okay so it is a picture of Tyler's this years football season button, but my gosh is this really my "baby"? Man how he has grown up. But it is football season and oh how he LOVES football. I'm glad we have 3 years left to watch him play but very sad about after that! Maybe college ball? Who knows. One can always hope and dream. I'm guessing he for sure will be a coach sometime in his lifetime. Rather it be HS, college, or maybe even pro. I guess the 24/7 ESPN has paid off because he definitely knows the game. Did I mention how he LOVES football? Everyone have a great weekend. We are off to Clayton Ridge (Guttenberg) tonight to watch some exciting football! Let's just hope it isn't too exciting because I get a little worked up when it is a close game! Good luck WV Warriors!
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