Monday, September 20, 2010

Premiere Week

I seriously do not know what I will do this week and how I will watch EVERYTHING that I want and need to. Tomorrow night.........Glee, Dancing With The Stars first elimination, The Biggest Loser, NCIS Los Angeles, and maybe Detroit. How in the world can I catch parts of these and figure out if I like any of the new ones? Well obviously I will HAVE to be flipping between Glee and The Biggest Loser because I am a die hard fan of both and don't usually miss an episode. Elimination of DWTS I can find out on the internet after the fact. And basically nowadays you can pretty much watch full episodes of most shows via the web so I think it will be okay. I just hate that so many of my favorite shows start this week. And a couple of new ones I wanted to check out. Too much stress! And this coming from the girl that used to "hate" TV and think it was stupid! Boy have times changed now that I'm older! Everyone enjoy premiere week. I have too much to do and too many shows to try and catch so thank goodness I got my laundry done and the downstairs cleaned this afternoon after work. The rest of the house can wait until next week!!!!!! :-)


Sharon Madsen said...

Me too Kay, I LOVE Glee, must watch DWTS, and so many new shows that I better not start watching. Now I've been using Netflix. Don't even go there!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope you picked Glee--new characters and everything!