Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fisherman (or is it Fishermen?)

Bruce and Louie always seem to be fishing rather it be on the sandbar when we are out with the houseboats or when we are docked in the marina. Bruce got a nice walleye off the back of the houseboat, and Louie got a very nice bluegill fishing in the marina. Oh, and how could I forget that "HUGE" fish that he caught and it wasn't even as big as his thumb! In its defense it did look like it had been through quite an ordeal since it was missing part of its tail. Poor thing! At least he was able to throw it back in and maybe its tail will regrow. Do tails regrow on fish? I guess I don't have a clue. Better ask one of the kids or Bruce. Second thought I'll just ask Louie! He knows EVERYTHING! Or finds out if he doesn't. Looking at these fish pictures does remind me of the great feast we had with them on Monday night. We definitely eat way too good when at the river. It just isn't the same cooking frozen fish in the winter. Oh well. It only lasts so long thank goodness. Here's hoping for a nice mild Iowa winter this year. We pushed and moved way too much snow last winter!
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