Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fotos

An apology to my SIL Sharon for only posting pictures that you sent me as of late! How cute are these two characters however? And the holiday weekend is upon us, and I know that we won't get to enjoy their company this weekend. Or Tyler's for that matter. Cole & Ash are still up in the air at this point. But we have an extended weekend and cannot wait. It's like a "mini vacation" for Bruce and I before fall actually hits. Hoping y'all have a great Friday and weekend. Wishing our kids would be joining us but you never know what boat motor Bruce can make fall off this weekend. Hopefully not the houseboat motor or we seriously will NEVER sell it!!! Have a great day and weekend!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Hey - you 'took' all these pics with the exception of the profile of Kyle. Most of my pics are closeups cuz that's the way I roll. lol