Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four Happy Years Together

Four years ago these two had an awkward first date together for homecoming and they are still together today. Through many football games, basketball games, family weekends, river weekends, etc. we got to know and love Taylor. And yep, not so much for us on the basketball games. You know how Bruce is! But anyway, I'm glad that you two still are together and that we parents all like you both together. At least I think so. Right Bill & Joyce? I guess I should also be very happy that our family didn't scare Taylor away! Yep we are definitely our own unique crew for sure! I am still mad at you both for Kyle lying to me last year however, and driving home from Iowa City for one night on your anniversary. And I thought he was the kid I could ALWAYS trust his word. Guess not. But on the serious note you two are both great young adults, and I know that you will make great decisions for your futures. Work hard and study much. But don't forget to have fun and enjoy each other ALWAYS! Hope you enjoy your "couple anniversary", and love you both!
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