Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary Bruce!

Twenty years ago today I walked down the aisle and sealed the deal with my best friend ever, and soul mate for life. And I have to say that out of those, 17 have been pretty excellent. Yep, years 1 and 7 were trying at times for reasons we can't explain. But the whole year didn't suck for either of those-just certain times. We have some friends that say the same thing about those years. Odd, huh? And 1999 was what I will always consider the worst year of my life. Losing both of my parents 9 months apart was harder than any challenge I ever have faced my whole life. Thank you for being our boys and my rock that year. I'm still not sure how you put up with me and was there for me through all of that! I just want you to know that I enjoy being with you always, and I think this snapshot of last weekend is definitely us. On our houseboat, parked on a sandbar, and good friends surrounding us. What a way to celebrate our anniversary! May we have many more years of just enjoying our boys lives and each other! And someday soon we get to experience the whole "Grandparent" thing together. I know I can't wait, and I think you will be a much bigger spoiler than me! Remember that, okay? I love you!
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