Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Float Weekend 2010

We again had a great time on our "3rd Annual Houseboat Float" weekend. The weather could have been a bit warmer and nicer but did not hinder our good time. Click on the collage and you can see the pictures better. And I know that I took many more of the trees and leaves, and the awesome food that we cooked, but either a demon took over my camera or I was way too far into my vodka and "thought" I was taking all of those awesome pictures of the food and trees! At least I know that when we are up in a couple weeks I will definitely snap some good leaf pictures. They are just starting to turn colors so I guess it isn't a total big loss that I don't have the ones that I thought I got this weekend. Maybe I had someone else's camera? Who knows. Everyone have a great Monday. I am looking forward to a normal week for a change. What is NORMAL? Just going day to day without having to plan something for the weekend for us! Excellent!
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