Friday, October 28, 2011

I Won Something!

So when I got the mail Friday afternoon I had a box that had a return address from Right At Home and I thought that I had clicked by accident on something and ordered it.  I was so happy and surprised when I opened the box and it had a card with it that said "congratulations here's your Right At Home giveaway". I was so excited I had to go out and show Bruce on the roof.  Yes he is still working on the roof.  I sign up for every contest and free thing that I can on the web and have NEVER won anything.  And I actually have considered buying one of these for the houseboat or boys bathroom at home so it was a great prize to me!  So the bottom right picture isn't where it ended up as you have to have it within 5 feet of people walking by it.  Can I just say that it smells incredible and I will keep signing up to win free stuff all the time because WHY NOT?  So thank you Right At Home and SC Johnson for making me a winner.  I love the automatic freshener and by sending me one you probably created a monster that will buy one for every room of her house and houseboat!  But feel free to send me more of your great stuff if you want to! 

***I have no idea about disclaimers and such but this prize showed up in my mailbox and my opinions are totally my own and I doubt Right at Home or SC Johnson have any idea who I am or that I talked about my prize on my personal blog.  But I have to say that I love the product.  My own personal opinion!
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