Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ava When Grandma Picked Her Up Tuesday

 I picked Ava up Tuesday and brought her home until her Momma got off work.  She was just sitting in her carseat content and happy when I brought her in the house.  Of course she had found her fingers and was gnawing away at them!

Here she is laughing and talking/cooing back to grandma because of course she thinks I am silly as can be for talking to her and telling her what a good girl she is.  Oh and how pretty she is.  I'm sure I was telling her that too.  Gotta get her self esteem going early on!

And this face is precious!  I think she was freaked out by the flash going off three times in a row!  She looks freaked out or something!  She did recover very quickly I can assure you.  And what a sweet little girl she was pretty much the whole time she was there!  Love that little gal like crazy!!!!!
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TRICH said...

I love the pictures, the last one is funny. Can you imagine what they are thinking?? Grandma has flashes coming from her eyes.

Sharon Madsen said...