Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ava Is 4 Months Old

Our sweet precious grandbaby Ava is 4 months old today. And she weighed 13-4 at her appointment yesterday. Yes she is the most precious thing to happen to us for quite a long time. And here she is Sunday with her beautiful Mama (yeah the only good pic I got of Ava and her outfit you couldn't see Ashley well at all!) at our house hanging out and watching football with the family. Who knew you could be so completely over the moon with love for grandchildren. My kids are my life for sure but boy this little angel melts my heart. She is so precious to all of us. Even Gizmo wants to be "watching" over Ava close by when she is here. We love you so much Aviator and cannot wait until you are bigger and even more fun. Although we think you are pretty damn cool now! Happy 4 Months Baby Girl!
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Ashley O. said...

Gosh I love that outfit! So adorable! I need to get more pics with Ava, it seems like I am always the photographer and hardley make it in any pics! We will have to work on that!