Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Roof Work Has Begun

Posted by PicasaThe guys (Bruce, Kyle & Kevin) started working on the shop/garage roof yesterday afternoon.  I think they said there are four old layers on it and two of them are wood shakes.  Not fun to take off I'm told!  The back shop roof is all galvanized steel and will never need replaced but the front is old yucky shingles and the carport roof is rubber.  Lets just say that it should have been done a few years ago when we did the house as when it rains I think you stay dryer standing out in the rain than under the carport!  The chimney will be gone when they are done also.  It isn't a working one and probably in years to come would fall down so might as well get rid of it now.  Boy it will definitely look different but will be so much nicer to the eye. Now if we can get it done without any injuries that will be a plus.  When we were finishing up the house someone (Bruce) had a mishap when no one else was around and fell off the roof.  Lets just say that he was hurting for quite some time.  Here's hoping it goes quickly and is incident free! And I will try to be a better clean up person tonight.  Don't want to get fired you know even though the pay really sucks!  Have a great hump day.

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