Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fotos-Getting There

Almost done! Bruce has been climbing up there every day after work and trying to get it done before the dreaded snow flies! Yes I said snow. Why do I live in Iowa? I frickin hate snow. Anyway, our shop/garage roof is almost done. I think Bruce just has to get the rest of the metal flashing (I really don't know what I am talking about but I think that is right) up and adhere the rubber roofing on the flat carport roof. And a big THANK YOU to Brian K. (friend beer drinker and neighbor sort of) for bringing over your skid loader and trailer and helping Bruce out. Much appreciated. I believe I was told a bottle needs to come your way. Consider it done!  What that bottle will be is to be determined.   It will be so nice to have the roof done and be able to actually stand under the carport roof during a thunderstorm and not get soaked! WV won last night and we play the second playoff game Monday night at Alburnett. Great job Warriors! Everyone have a great weekend. I got to pick Ava upThursday afternoon and she was so sweet and stayed happy until almost 9 when her Daddy took her home. Hopefully Daddy kept her up until Mommy got home from work. That way Ash might get a WHOLE almost whole nights sleep in her own bed. Have a great Friday. Looking forward to getting it done at home. Much to be done as always!

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