Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playoff Wednesday

Last Friday night we (me, Bruce, Helen, and Louie), and the WV Warriors traveled to Arlington to take on the Starmont Stars.  And no we did not travel together.  Duh!  I thought it would be a close game but we dominated and it was a great night. Unfortunately for them they lost a couple of players (I believe from talk on the web) due to injuries, and have to travel to West Branch for their first playoff game.  Good luck to them.  They are a good team for sure.  So we will be doing this tonight on home field against Pekin, and as I said last Friday..... If we play like we can with heart our boys will do it. We have a very talented team that never gives up. Lets go Wapsie Valley against Pekin out in the middle of nowhere where you can and will be your best. Get this one done doing what you do great and move on to the next game. One game at a time and you will succeed. Best of luck to all of our players. Lets have another great game injury free on both sides please.  And line please block awesome and open things up for each other. Good luck!  You for sure can do it!
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