Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Fall

Here are a few pictures that I snapped from our beautiful fall weekend at the river. On Saturday us gals (me, Helen, and Joey) all went uptown to a farmers market and did some other shopping while the guys went fishing. The farmers market was the first Saturday they had done one uptown and only a few vendors. We each bought some goodies at the Amish stand but not much else fancied us. Saturday night we held a fish fry on Dock 1 for all our friends, family, and basically anyone else that was up for the weekend on Dock 1! Let me just say that the fish and all the food rocked as usual. We know how to put out a spread. And Joey (my MIL) fries fish like no other. We also deep fried some and it was excellent also. Sunday we took a ride with Helen & Louie in the fishing boat, and then later got a nice houseboat ride with our Becker friends before their boat was coming out. I think the leaves were very pretty but will be at their peak in Lansing next weekend. We had a great weekend. I am always ready for the boating season to be done by this time every year but it is always bittersweet when our friends take their boats out and we know we have limited time at the houseboat. Glad that we had a great beautiful weather weekend because the next time we go up we will be moving ours to our winter spot. If the month of October is going to be warm like they predict we might not winterize in two weeks so maybe we can squeeze another weekend out on it! Everyone have a good week and Happy Fall to all! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this week. Bruce is starting our shop/garage roofing project tomorrow. Woo hoo! Can't wait. I told him I could help and I get to be the clean up person. Isn't that what I do every single day for my family?????
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