Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Sign

Wapsie has the second round playoff game Monday night at Alburnett. We updated the sign for the yard today so that Ty's name and number is displayed. Been a few years since this has  been sported out front, but so glad to have it up in the yard! Haven't had it up since Kyle was a senior and he is now a junior in college! Bruce's side looks better than mine(his is on the right) but oh well! I was busy all weekend and had to go out there and quickly paint something. Got much accomplished this weekend and except for getting through the clothes in my closets I pretty much got everything on my much too long list done. Why I put that pressure on myself I will never know. Would have had almost everything done yesterday but had some distractions that were not expected. Like baby Ava showing up in the afternoon along with one of my best friends that stopped by. Great weekend and good luck Wapsie Valley. I know that you can do it! Looking forward to cheering on the Warriors tomorrow night and keeping the sign up for yet another week. One game at a time! You will succeed.
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Sharon Madsen said...

Good Luck to Wapsie! GO TYLER!