Wednesday, October 19, 2011

End Of Houseboating Season

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So we ended another successful boating season last Sunday when we moved to our winter parking place and closed up the boat. It is always sad but also in a way happy because then we get to spend more time at home getting things done and enjoying more family time. I haven't touched my scrapbooking stuff for over a year and Tyler is now a junior. Get on it Kay!!! There is so much stuff to get through. Oh and need I mention that I cannot even hardly walk through our 3rd story walk up attic because it is so full of crap! So much that needs done and yet I just want to be able to not have to pack up every weekend and work so hard to have so much fun on the weekends. It is much better for me to put my efforts here at home. Next year I think the houseboat will have to be a nice weekend getaway but maybe not an "every" weekend getaway. I think it wears me out and is harder on me than normal everyday life. We shall see when spring arrives I guess. Always happy to open up the boat but usually even happier to close her up for the season. Hopefully we have a nice winter here in Iowa. This picture was taken by me as Bruce and Louie brought our boat up river to our parking spot. Usually I ride along for the last ride but it just didn't work out that way this year. Love watching the Nuk N Futz cruise the river!

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