Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Foto

This is an early picture of the roofing of the shop/garage. What a project this has turned out to be. I think Bruce said it already has cost us more than when we did the whole house. How can that fricking be? It is small isn't it? Oh yeah I guess that stupid rubber roof for the carport alone was $500. WHAT?????? And I am the one that said we had to save the carport! What the heck was I thinking? But it will all be so nice when said and done and I will love walking out to the garage on a rainy morning and not getting more wet under the carport than out in the open. Yep it is a project that needed done very much! Everyone have a great weekend. We sadly are closing up the houseboat for the winter (yes I had to say WINTER-it is coming!) this weekend and am looking forward actually to spending our weekends at home. Yes I must be getting old. Have a great one!
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