Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday Fotos

So this is a corner or I should say "MY CORNER" of my kitchen. Last night I was looking at my cute little post it note purse dispenser that our office supply gal sold me and I was thinking I ought to share that. We are note leaving people at my house and I make lists ALL THE TIME so when she showed me this satchel dispenser I was sold. So after I snapped a couple pictures of it to post about it and my mostly dead last flower that bloomed of the year (believe me I am crying over that fact-Hello Aldi's cheap bouquets that last FOREVER!) Gizmo was batting at the cabinet door that I ditch my purse and bag everyday in. So I let her in. Well she has gotten bigger so she doesn't even really fit in the cupboard very well with my stuff in there. We used to let her in and shut the door and she would come bursting out! Oh well I guess we all lose a little gusto as we age,  right? Cats must be the same. She was just content to take over my purse cupboard for a short while. We have a long 3 hour road trip each way Friday night to Ty's game at NE Goose Lake. But we have to go so we will have fun and make a road trip out of it. Which means Bruce will drive and I will talk to him when I'm not reading my book. But I will pack a sandwich for each of us on the road and snacks so basically I will be the best road trip 3 hours to a football game each way wife ever! Have a great weekend everyone! And GO WAPSIE! Let's play like we can and beat NE Goose Lake!
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Sharon Madsen said...

I don't get the purse? It's just a dispenser? Cute tho.

Kay said...

Yes Sharon it is a post-it note dispenser. That is all. But I am constanly getting in the junk drawer to get a pad of paper and now I don't have to! And it is just cute.