Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do They EVER Grow Up?

Yep here we have 20 and 16 deciding to wrestle around after dinner. But I was told "Mom don't yell at us". Hey I was just trying to protect the Jr. in HS kids knee (Ty's has been bothering him) since I know that the Jr. in college has 2 knees that are still shot after 3 surgeries! So yes people this goes on in householdss that are "normal dysfunctional" (as I call it) on a regular basis. And I love it. If they are still showing each other love and affection then life is good. Right? I do have to admit that I made (yeah right I asked) them to quit because we do not need Ty hurt for football. Our team definitely needs him and I frankly don't want to spend more money on doctors and surgeries. He needs to maintain HEALTHY!  Yep he told me long ago he thinks he is indestructible and I truly believe that might be true.  At least I'm hoping that is true. So my animal son........little B, please know your limitations but give everything your all. You are awesome and we are proud of you as we are K Willy! You boys definitely rock and make my world!  Well Ava would give you a run for sure!  She is kind of special beyond belief also!
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