Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Foto

This kid? Yep he lives for football. And we love his dedication and skill at the sport. I hate to see fall show up because my favorite time of the year is definitely summer, but how can you not love to watch your "baby" play his heart and soul out on the field? Tomorrow night is a big rivalry game. Even though they aren't in our class I'm hoping and praying that our boys are victorious big time. Play your hearts out and you will succeed. Good luck Ty and the Warriors and beat them Cyclones up! Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to a "quiet" weekend with just Bruce and I on the houseboat. Cooking for only two on a holiday weekend will be a treat in itself. Think anyone will deliver on the sandbar???????? Glad we will have family and friends to help eat all of the dips and snacks that I made to bring. I certainly cannot eat them by myself!
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