Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary Bruce

I didn't post this to show up first thing today as you hadn't mentioned anything about it being our anniversary so I'm wondering if you perhaps did forget. I wasn't thinking last night when I had you get me those papers out of my purse and had your card sitting in it to put out this morning. Did you see it? Brilliant-NOT! But I'm sure Fred told you at work this morning if you did forget since it is also their 21st anniversary today! Anyway we have had a great life together and three wonderful boys (well most of the time), and here's hoping to many more years of fun, craziness, and of course happiness and love. You are my soul mate and best friend in the world. May we grow old together and not drive each other too crazy. But with your "selective" hearing and my lack of memory already I'm thinking it might be a little rough when we get into our 70's! I love you honey and happy anniversary! I don't have to cook tonight, right?????? Oh and you'd better not buy me a present. This year I believe our roof materials for the shop is our present! Woohoo how frickin' exciting!
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