Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Foto

What can I say about not posting for a week? It has been a crazy short one. We took an extra day (Tuesday) off and didn't get home from the houseboat until evening and it has just been crazy busy since. But we babysat Ava one afternoon and evening and I even picked her up from my friend Missy's house (her new babysitter-way excited it is her!) the last two days. Oh and we had our night for the football team dinner Thursday night so I spent Wednesday night making a roaster of cheesy hash brown potatoes and a pan of bars. Yep no wonder I told Bruce tonight that we should stay home this weekend and catch up and get stuff done. We really thought about it but we are having our annual float next weekend and need to get a count of people so I can get all the food needed next week. Oh and it is the annual BBQ at the marina Saturday with a band and lots of good food. And I am also the official "dish bitch" for the BBQ'ing crew of Helen & Louie and Ray & Tracy. I have a very important job to do! So we compromised and are going up after the football game tomorrow night and coming home early Sunday morning. Cannot wait to get some much needed stuff done around home. Oh and this photo was snapped the other night and even though I believe Ava's shirt says that she loves Aunty's and Ice Cream.........I think from this picture and her laughing that she kind of thinks Grandpa is pretty great, too! Everyone have a great weekend!
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