Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homecoming 2011

These are pictures from the game last Friday night at Bellevue (WV 41 Bellevue 14). Yes it seemed like a long trip but next Friday we will leave around 3:30 to head to NE Gooselake which is almost 3 hours away. Yippee! Already planning on packing a picnic like supper so we don't have to stop and just eat sandwiches and stuff on the way. The good thing is we are staying home that weekend instead of heading to the houseboat after the game. The bad news is that still means another 3 hour trip back to our house afterwards! Anyway this Friday night is WV's Homecoming and tonight is the pep rally and jersey auction. It is always an annual event that raises funds for the booster club. This year rumor has it that it is a silent auction which I personally believe is a good thing. Too many years I see people bidding stupid amounts that really no one should or want to have to pay just to donate to the booster club. So if the rumor is true I am one to believe this is a great change. When there is so much unemployment and hard times in the US we should focus on the important things. Not spending money foolishly on unnecessary things. I heard they made so much money on the auction last year that they knew this year they needed to change it. Good for them! And for everyone that spent way more than they planned on last year, well it sucks to be you but sounds like maybe from here on out it has changed to a positive thing. Good luck WV Friday night and may all of our football players stay healthy! Have fun and enjoy your Homecoming celebration! And have fun out on the field. That is what it is all about right?
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