Monday, September 12, 2011

3rd Annual BBQ Tiki Bar Lansing Marina Cookoff

I have so many pictures on my camera from Saturday/Saturday night that I want to share but I thought I'd just pick a few of my favorites as I uploaded them to share until I find the time to do a slide show. Wish I had more of all the cookers together but I have many fun pics that Jr snapped on my camera Saturday night while WAGG the band was playing, so I will definitely put all of them in the slide show. It was a really fun weekend and we had a great time. Maybe too good of a time for some. Right honey? Anyway I was the official (so I called myself and Ray told me) "Dish Bitch" and "Sous Chef". He claims he made a sign that added my name to the Smoke On The Water sign but I think he was just making me feel better. So I have another very busy week with homecoming this Friday and our annual houseboat float on Saturday so may not post much at all. Just hoping to get the stuff done that I need to before heading back to the river. Looking forward to the weekend after this to stay home and do some deep cleaning at home. Not looking forward to the 3 hour drive to NE Goose Lake. I guess Bruce drives so I will probably sleep on the way back home. Thanks "Smoke On The Water" for a great weekend and letting me be a small part of your team. You guys did great once again and I absolutely loved the rose made out of tomatoes. Think even I will have to try that. Maybe for our float this coming weekend? We shall see. Everyone have a great week. Slide show to follow sometime soon of all the fun pictures from the BBQ weekend. Oh and click on the collage to see the pics bigger if you want. It was fun for sure!!!
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Tracy said...

Thanks for your help, and Ray really did have a sign for you, just too many things going on and we forgot it. It will be proudly hanging next year....
Excited about the float see you in a couple days.