Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Picture EVER

So my pictures didn't turn out very good but this is a paint on canvas that Sharon (SIL photographer-the BEST photographer ever) painted of Ava at 1 month and Bruce brought it home today. This is exceptional and I am proud to have it on our wall. Much better investment than all of the prints hanging! You are so talented Sharon and I feel so happy and grateful that we ended up with this. Sending a check in the mail tomorrow. This is just so precious. And look at her little biceps! She is unbelievable and I never would have believed that the love for grandchildren could be so out of this world! Thank you Sharon for all that you do. Ava will be watching over us this Thanksgiving in the dining room. I am up for Turkey Day, right? Thank you for doing this paint. It is certainly one of our most precious posessions and she is gorgeous! She makes a great addition to our decor!

**Reading this now the sentence about Ava "watching over us" doesn't sound quite right.  I just meant that she will be right there with us when we are all together eating dinner.  Hopefully she herself will be sitting with us and getting some mashed potatoes and gravy!!!  And Sharon informed me it isn't a paint just a photo on canvas.  Whatever!  It is still gorgeous.  Had me fooled for sure!
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Sharon Madsen said...

shhhh...... it's not a paint! it's just a photograph on canvas but I did do a paint - it's just in color. hehe

Kay said...

Seriously I thought it was one of your paints. Anyways it is awesome and we love it! And as Bruce said it was time to get rid of our Vegas caricature (sp?) drawing picture that was in that spot! This looks much better there.