Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scrapbooking Armoire

Even those of us with husbands that are carpenter's/woodworker's sometimes have to buy items to fill our needs when our other half has absolutely no time to make what is needed. I have been piling up my scrapbooking stuff when not in use in a corner of the living room, or hauling it out onto the front porch every night when I'm done. Not fun. So Bruce was going to build me an armoire for all of my stuff to match the TV stand that he made me last year for the living room. Well lets just say that he finally admitted he just isn't going to have the time anytime soon to do that. We saw one in the Menards ad two Sundays ago that he said resembled what he was going to make and it was reasonable, so we went and after he approved  it I bought it. That was a week ago and I just got it filled up this last weekend. He still needs to adjust the doors that are out of wack a bit, and it isn't solid wood by any means (and was a pain in the arse to put together), but it will serve a purpose while we need it to. There is a dresser to match at Menards also, so when he ever does get the time to make me a cherry one (maybe for Christmas????) I will put this in the extra bedroom and buy the dresser to match. Maybe. I already bought a dresser for that room at a second hand store that I plan on painting. Lets just say that Bruce doesn't have the time to do a lot of the fun things he'd like to, and I still haven't found enough time to give the extra bedroom (Kyle's old room) some attention and get it whipped into shape. We both seem to never have enough time! The spare bedroom does make a great room for Ty and his buddies to game it up on weekends and not have to all crash in one bed when they finally give up! I just end up washing bedding for that room way more often than I'd like. It is kind of a revolving guest quarters I guess. And why do I never seem to have extra time???? Everyone have a great Wednesday!
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