Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Purse Wednesday

I purchased this awesome satchel well over a month ago at Red Geranium Flowers & Gifts in Lansing because something about it just screamed at me that it would be perfect for me. I am pretty much a user of only 2-3 purses every year for many years so this was a big move for me. And the ones that I switch between are brown, black, and a happy yellow spring color. I don't like change. But Tuesday night I finally took the time to switch out purses and let me just say that I absolutely love this purse just for how everything fit into it perfectly. It has the handles that I love and usually use, but also the long strap for over the shoulder. This will work awesome for those dreaded "shopping" times that I absolutely despise. So this was just my way to show my awesome new satchel that I get to enjoy for a very long time, and to put that shout out to Red Geranium. We only shop there during houseboating season, but they have the best variety of greeting cards, jewelry that is so fun (I love my chunky necklace), wonderful scarves (I've bought a few), and purses (this is my second in two years). And no, noone from there has any idea about me and my blog, but I just wanted to share this awesome purse and give a shout out to them while I'm at it. Especially since all the gals in there are so sweet and awesome everytime that we visit. And they do have so much more also. Candles, dips, handmade crafts, fresh flowers, etc. Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!  Did I mention that is is PURPLE?  Awesome!!  Have a great day!
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