Sunday, November 7, 2010

Iowa Deer Hunting

Well my brother Rick called Friday night and had shot (bow season) a deer that he wanted us to have (he only keeps one per year so we get any others that his group gets and don't want), so Bruce went after work today and picked it up. It was a 7 point buck, but apparently a very small buck. Well, we had an awesome supper tonight. There just isn't anything like fresh deer steak on the grill. I would eat that over filet mignon any day. Yep I said that. And Bruce was so worn out after that I will be bagging up deer tomorrow along with running some to Edgewood to be processed. Thank you Rick for the deer meat, and cannot wait to have some more deer bacon for breakfast! Hoping Bruce and Kyle each get one this December also. We can never get enough! I love them ( the deer) as long as they aren't in front of our vehicles! I guess we are some of those people helping slim down the over populated deer around. Please deer stay away from not only our vehicles, but also and especially Kyle's new vehicle. But I will tell you that if you choose to mess with our vehicles we will certainly carve you up and have your for dinner. Just don't waste your time, okay?????
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