Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Iowa Fall Y'All

Could we ask for any better November weather in Iowa? I almost hate to say that. Yesterday when I walked out of work it was 65 degrees. And it is November 9th in Iowa. I realized tonight that I didn't post the pictures from the actual carving we did of our pumpkins on Halloween. So here is some pictures of the happenings. Of course Bruce decided not to carve one with us but Kyle, Ty, and I had fun doing it together. And I think they did turn out very nice this year. Even though as we speak I should be putting them out with the garbage tomorrow because they are looking pretty sad out on the driveway! Everyone have a great week. And we will take this warm weather for as long as mother nature decides to give it to us! Because as we all know way too soon for our liking we will be seeing that white stuff. SHHHHHH!!!!! I don't think Bruce has the tractor or snow blower ready yet. We need a little more time!
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