Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Short Week

So very happy that it is a three day work week, but also more important the fact that Kyle decided to come home and spend his week with us. Well his roommates were leaving the house so he decided to stay at his "real home" with Mom, Dad and Ty. And we are very glad to have him. Even though he has to work each day. At least he will get Mom's home cooking for supper each night and gets to bond with all of us and the kitty's. See Gadget checking out his stuff he brought home in the photo. They (the cats) always have to check everything out that comes into this house. I think they think that they rule the roost or something. Who am I trying to kid? The cats definitely rule this roost! Now if I could only teach them how to clean their own litter box. Now that would be some kind of awesome. Then I might actually let them rule my roost!!!! Here's to a short work week for us and a long 4 day weekend. Hope you all get a short work week and long weekend too!  Have a great Monday.
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