Friday, November 5, 2010

Kyle's New Car

Here is Kyle's new purchase. The Exploder (as we call it) has a major transmission problem and I get regular text messages from Kyle telling me he "ALMOST DIED today" in it so I guess it was definitely time for him to purchase his own new vehicle. And that he did. It was rather dark when I snapped pictures tonight but I think he got a great vehicle. It is a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant. Very nice. And he bought it from big brother Cole who just recently went to John Deery so that was a plus too! Very glad that I don't have to worry about him pulling out and not being able to go anywhere in front of other vehicles. Mom will sleep better now. And Dad too knowing that us sending you overseas with your own credit card when you were 12 created an excellent credit rating for you! Were you even 12 or did you turn that when you got back? Oh well. I'm glad that London taught you how to shop and use that credit card, and bring Mom and Dad home some very nice souveniers. Your brothers too if I remember right. Very happy for you. Enjoy your awesome new car. You deserve it!
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