Saturday, February 11, 2012

Most Beautiful Baby Ever!

Yep she is just gorgeous and I don't think anyone can argue. Ava is a beautiful little soul and we love having her around. She is precious. Happy Sunday! I made a date with my hubby to got out for breakfast and to the casino to play a little. He might win big who knows!? My nickle machines usually keep me up at least. Yes I am cheap but if I hit it big on the nickles I might actually stick some quarters in a machine. One never knows. Looking forward to my date day with my hubby. Not even going to think about the fact that my house did not get cleaned like it should have this weekend. Have a great Sunday everyone. I am already thinking about my Sunday breakfast with my hubby and sipping a beer while pulling that handle. And if I won the lottery well then what the hell am I doing at the casino? Good question to be hopefully answered later!!!!!!!
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