Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aldi's Bouquet Again-Happy Monday

Picked myself up another bouquet Friday when I got groceries. The all rose bouquets were very tempting because they had some very pretty ones. And once again for $3.99 they are a bargain at Aldi's. And they last forever. I split them into just two vases this time (I always use the Waterford crystal one that Kyle got in London) and I used a smaller one also. Everyone have a great Monday and week. Our weekend was pretty laid back. Got my home desk cleared off and papers organized and such. Otherwise did my normal laundry, cleaning, and baking. I like the laid back no plan weekends. I only wish that Goodwill would have had some finds. When I get into my painting and such I would like to ruin some cheap stuff before I tackle my own things that I want to turn out awesome. But of course I know that everything I put my effort into will turn out great! Even though Bruce totally doubts my efforts and is dreading me stealing a small part of his shop to do my work. He'll get over it! Happy Monday all!
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Sharon Madsen said...

What are you gonna paint???

Kay said...

I have a dresser from a thrift store and an old antique table that was my Mom's. I'm on the lookout for any cheap "finds" to paint up cool. There is a blog that I follow and the gal paints anything and everything and it is all so cool. Check it out I believe is her site. She sells a lot of stuff and keeps what she wants.

Kay said...

Sharon it is and a great site to browse when you have time. She is really talented and a great decorator. I was just on her site and realized that I typed the wrong site address.