Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Treats

Starting Friday night I baked two boxes of cupcakes (regular and mini combined), a double batch of Taylor's awesome sugar cookie dough cut out into heart shapes of course, and frosted all of said baked goods Saturday and Sunday. All were to celebrate the not real holiday the 14th and to give away to family, friends, and coworkers. Ashley did come over on Saturday and help so that was great. And she even let little Miss Ava have her first mini cupcake all to herself. Lets just say that she LOVED it! Yum yum. Even though she was sick with a cough she was a perfect little girl. Her Momma had to take her to urgent care on Sunday and found out she has RSV and an ear infection. Can I just repeat how good she was? My kids never acted like that when they were sick for sure. She has to have breathing treatments and antibiotics but is on her way to getting healthy. And to be happy for the most part while so sick is quite a testament to her whole personality. She is just a very good little baby. So get better very soon our little angel Ava and I cannot wait to bake more mini cupcakes and sneak some to you when your Momma isn't looking! Next time maybe we can give you a whole regular sized one!
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Ashley O. said...

That cupcake picture is priceless! Love it