Friday, February 10, 2012

Aldi's Flower Update 2-10-12

I have to admit I did not take care of and refresh the water in this latest batch of flowers so I had to pluck quite a few dry ones out and pitch today (two weeks after purchasing), but they still look pretty decent. And for $3.99 a bouquet I do not think that you can go wrong buying these for yourself. They brighten my day every time that I walk into a room that has fresh flowers in the vase, and what girl doesn't enjoy fresh flowers? Go ahead and splurge for yourself once in a while. If I was leaving the house this weekend I would be grabbing some more to replace the vases I emptied, but since we are under one of our first deep freezes of the winter I am not leaving my house unless I absolutely have to! I guess I will run to Kwik Star tomorrow to purchase milk and lottery tickets but other than that I am staying in where it is warm and baking valentine treats for those I love. Everyone have a great weekend and stay warm!
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The Lindsey Family said...

I think you more than got your money's worth with those flowers. How do you get them to last for two weeks?

Kay said...

I always just put the packet of stuff in each of the vases that I split them into. I swear they are the best value for the money you can get. Around here in Iowa anyway. Target charges $9.99 for the same sized bouquet that Aldis charges $3.99. They sure last and make me smile all winter/year long!