Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kyle's New Purchase

So Kyle called on his way home from CF tonight and we were getting ready to head to Wally World in Waverly to get my groceries since the forecast is not very nice for the next couple days. Well, he decided to hustle home and go with us to look at TV's. Needless to say that I did my grocerying (sp?-who cares) by myself while Bruce and Kyle found the TV Kyle wanted for his room. Yes at home in our house. I guess I can't give the kid crap. He does attend UNI full time and has been a dean's list student EVERY semester, and also works 30+ hours in order to be able to afford those fun things that he wants. Did I also mention that he is paying for his own college? Yep can't complain at all. I only wish I was half as good of a saver as him! I hope you enjoy your new TV and you know that Ty will definitely want to use the 32" until you do something else with it. Be nice okay? Love you and very proud of you as you know.
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