Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day

I have to think that there just is something wrong with this. Ashley took this picture at our house today when she was over with Ava doing laundry (their washer was on the fritz) and I uploaded it off my camera tonight. Gizmo weighs more than baby Ava and is NOT supposed to jump up in the pack n play or crawl in the car seat. But in Gizmo's defense I have all of these in the living room and she has total access to them whenever she wants. Especially when we are gone during the day. Bruce kicked her out of it when he got home from work. I always shake the towel Gizmo is laying on in the changing table and wash it regular but I have to ask. Is this really that bad? Gizmo sits close by whenever Ava is over like she is protecting her so I almost think she just feels she is keeping it warm for her or something. Ava will very soon outgrow the cradle and have to use the pack n play so I guess we will see then what happens. You have to admit though this is an adorable picture of our favorite two "babies"! Everyone have a great hump day and rest of the week. Is it Friday yet?

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