Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Lil Herb Garden

And yes they are legal herbs geez! My SIL Helen (who is the master gardener) told me not to put them in my regular garden unless I wanted them to take it over. So I got this cute little herb grower planter thingy at our family Christmas and  bought seeds. They looked like they were doing pretty good until we got a ton of rain and I think they drowned. So I replanted the pots and snipped this pic the other night. I had to call SIL Helen to bring some fresh basil this weekend (since obviously mine isn't ready yet) to the river for some fresh bruschetta I am making but otherwise I think they are looking good. I think next year I will have Bruce make me a raised bed to grow just herbs because I don't think these are going to do what I had in mind before summer is gone! Have a safe and fun weekend all!
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