Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bachelor Party Houseboat Guys

Some guys that rented a houseboat and were staying on our (like I owned it or something!) beach this past weekend were having a bachelor party and visited our fire. And no the picture of our Nuk N Futz was not their party boat. I just snapped it the same night I was taking their pictures. Gotta have new pics of the boat each season at night you know. Anyway they were nice guys and I think it looked like they had a great time all weekend together. Last year I got pictures of Bruce putting a bright green bush on his head (I'm sure no one forgot those photos!) and wearing it, so the guys gave the groom to be a similar one to put on his head. And of course he obliged the "old people" around the campfire! But I will say that they didn't last long around the fire as I'm sure they had much more fun things to do, and my Bruce headed to bed and couldn't believe it was only 9:15 when he went in. I guess the all day Saturday celebrating and helping put on a party on the beach makes for a tired group! I do have to say that I didn't last much longer. That is the sign of a great day when we all have to give up early and head to get some much needed ZZZZZZ's so we can enjoy the beach the next day too! Have a great Thursday all!
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